Chronicles of Love Stories- 1

Padma Mohan
4 min readApr 2, 2021


“Can we walk a bit?” I asked him. He looked at me stern yet nodded. I knew he wanted the answer to his question. But how can I answer him when my answer is him? My heart started to beat faster. I convinced him to walk with me but what next? How will I say the truth to him?

For Whom are you buying this shirt? He enquired.”For a friend.”I stammered. “Which is this friend about whom you haven’t told me about?”He asked me again. “He is a special friend,” I said. “Are you dating someone?”He asked me. “Yeah, but don’t ask me more. I can’t tell you more.”I warned. “Why do you hesitate to share that with me? You call me your best friend, right?”He rebelled. Now, Who shall tell this stupid guy that the special person is none but him and the gift that I am making him choose is for him? He stood up and walked to the bus stop. I rushed behind him. He was adamant to know the name. I had no other way out. And I asked to walk.

As we walked around the campus, I got nervous. I couldn’t make a move. No wonder why men get scared when they propose to a girl. I do feel them right now. I was stuck between the confusion of losing a best friend and getting a boyfriend. What if he says a no? What if he feels bad about what I am going to confess. Is he able to see the scared and confused expression and make out that I am about to drop a bomb of confession upon him? Oh god, is my heart still beating or am I dead? I was thinking these things as he was asking me about my love life. I decided to speak my heart out.

“Enough of this walking. I am tired. Tell me his name if you want to or else let’s go back. I’m done asking you this and if you….” Before he could complete his sentence, I told him.

“It is you,” I said without any hesitation and a lot of confusion. “I love you. The gift was for you.”I said and glanced at his face, frightened to read what is his reaction would be.

“Me?”He asked me in surprise and burst out into a chain reaction of laughter. What is so funny? Why is he laughing? Is laughing a way of saying no? I have seen girls laughing when someone proposes to them and then say a NO. Oh god, is he gonna do the same too? I felt embarrassed as I stood there in front of him who was laughing at my proposal. My cheeks became red and I blushed, still half-embarrassed for what I just did, waiting for a reply from him.

“It is fine.”He said.

What did he just say? That he is fine? I just proposed to this guy with all the courage that I had and he says it is fine? What is exactly he trying to say? Can’t he say it back? What should I conclude from “IT IS FINE?” I kept thinking and he kept laughing making me feel more embarrassed. We walked back and still, he couldn’t control his laughter. I looked at him and got into my hostel nearby disappointed for I didn’t know what exactly one means by “IT IS FINE” to a polite “I LOVE YOU”.

I used to protest and whine about how he didn't give any proper replies to my proposal. He would giggle and walk away. But after that day, things slowly changed. I noticed changes in his behaviour. He started to care more, fight more and make me feel loved more. I felt ecstatic with him. Still, he didn’t confess his love. I wasn’t that happy about that. But his love melted me. His gesture of affection would make my day.

“It is okay, this happens when we go for longer trips. Are you feeling better?” He asked me, patting my back along with helping me get cleaned after I puked several times during our first trip together. I saw him helping me clean myself without any hesitation or reluctance. I could just wonder at what he was doing for me. It was a normal thing that anyone could do for their loved ones. But it wasn’t something that many would want to do for someone even if they are loved ones. Tears started to roll from my eyes as I saw him doing what he was doing. I thought to myself at that time, that no matter what happens, I am keeping this human to myself this lifetime. After that, along the journey I saw him changing into someone I never knew existed, And that someone took care of me like his child. I was made to eat food properly, ensured that I wore proper warm clothes so that my health doesn't get worse. He would never forget to remind me about my medicines. And what can I say about the pampering that I got as a bonus! Could I have asked for anything more than this personification of love?

“I love you,” I said. He smiled back as usual.” Still you never say it back”, I protested. He woke up and came near to me.

“I have told you what you want to hear a thousand times without saying it. You have seen what you mean to me. What more would my actual words make a difference? My actions scream to the world those three words daily when I look at you.” He whispered and left, left me blushing. I looked at him in awe for I knew he just said it once more- He just said what I wanted to hear in his own language.