The girl who loved the sky.

Padma Mohan
2 min readOct 5, 2020


The girl who loved the sky,
isn’t she the one who dreamt to fly high?
Thick and dense were those clouds,
for whom, she would leave the crowds.
She would look at them in awe,

feeling a saga of emotions, wildly raw.
The entire sky was her favourite canvas,
she would stare as if some atlas!
Aspired for wings to fly the horizon,
not the first who desires this of her scion.

When the sun rays clear the sky,
the white clouds keep rushing, don’t know why!
She keeps them in her heart for sure,
seeing them, her wounds, get a cure.

All the wonderful shades of the sky,
Purple, yellow, orange, blue and some other ones shy,
She loved them all with her heart and soul,
Little things gave her happiness goals!
Her love for the sky, mysterious to the world,
How bad she longed to twirl like a bird!

She adored the sky before the thunderstorm
and the way that it later would transform!
The beautiful blue one, filled with clouds,
the crimson colour blends beyond the bounds,
the star-studded black sky of elegance and beauty,
the purple shade giving the aura a mystic hoodie!

Her love for the sky is endless and true,
just like a child who sees a magical hue!
She solves puzzles with the clouds and stars,
the sky makes her think beyond every bar!

When the world holds her in the cage,
then she can’t even express her rage,
one peek at the blue blanket over the head,
she fights all odds, comes back from the dead!

To my dearest girl who loves the sky,
the sun, the moon and the stars up high,
I know it’s your solace and happiness,
Hold it tight, think beyond this universe!
Now wipe off those tears,
the sky shall soon get clear.

Touch the sky, shine with the stars,
the shooting star may fade your scars,
skate off on the rainbows and heal,
Only you know how happy this may feel!




Padma Mohan

I should be coding but here I am, scribbling again!