Women in a JAR

Padma Mohan
Oct 30, 2020


Huge and transparent jar of captivity,

restricted women for ages from their activity,

Women in a jar look alluring they say,

for our protection, this is the cost we pay.

This jar holding our souls, powerful yet suffocating,

we may get out someday, some, still waiting.

Jars of glass make us safe and secure from vultures,

but they forgot the harm that was done by all this culture!

From this side of the glass, we saw the others flying free,

We couldn’t breathe the air like a mere tree.

Many tried to escape the jar by jumping high,

many gave up after they couldn’t get out, with a sigh!

Covered ourselves with all the clothes found,

bandaged infinite, grave and inner wounds.

This jar had no lid for those who don’t know,

Anyone could enter and take us out as of now.

We lived on the mercy of those who stood out,

“Why?” Still, many ask that out loud!

Claws grab us, say that they care,

Squeeze us to death if we did dare!

This jar is just pretty for the spectators,

or the so-called predators,

Please let us out of this jar,

can this happen only after a war?



Padma Mohan

I should be coding but here I am, scribbling again!